When will I get my Card?
We mail all membership packages, cards and free kids meals certificates the morning after the order is placed. Give the US mail 2-3 days to deliver. In the meantime, Just email info@utahkidsclub.com with your receipt and we will email you a temporary card to print off and use right away.

How old do you have to be?
Utah Kids Club is for everyone, not just 12 and under. It's perfect for any age child, 6 months to 18 years, or if it's just you and your spouse acting like kids! Everyone gets the discounts.

Is there a limit?
The Utah Kids Club card is not like a coupon that gets you 1buy one get one free-it's for the whole family. So if there are 6 in your family, 3 buy and 3 get in for Free!

How many times can you use the card?
Not like coupons that you only use once…you can use it as much as you want!! Go to the same place over and over and get the discount each time.

What if Grandma or a babysitter want to take the Kids?
Its' easy, just give Grandma or the babysitter the card and let your kids have a blast!

Stop going to the same place over and over...
Sick of going to the same place all the time just because you have a "membership" there!! Me Too!!! With the Utah Kids Club card you can go to hundreds of locations--fun centers, trampoline parks, bounce houses, rec. centers, museums, theaters, sporting events and more…and get the discount every time!!

What if I can only go on my day off?
You can use the discounts any day of the week, use it when the kids are off track, your day off, weekends….any day

How do I advertise with Utah Kids Club?
We work closely with all our advertisers to create ads that will peak business and help our families at the same time! Please email info@utahkidsclub.com with your name, business name, and phone number and we will reach out to you promptly.

How do I get the Discounts?
Every location is listed in the Discount Directory with their specific discount details and how to use the discount. So just peek before you play. Click Discount Directory above or click here.

Any other ???'s
Email us at info@utahkidsclub.com