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Princess Festsival

23% OFF!!

Princess Festsival Oh my heck! We really ARE lucky! I just talked to the owner of the Princess Festival and he agreed to extend the Utah Kids Club exclusive discount! (Talk about having connections! I'm always stoked to hook you up!) But only while tickets last. Click over and buy your tickets (to the Festival AND the Grand Ball) before they sell out. And ...jusst in case you haven't attended before, trust me - you don't want to miss it. The Princess Festival is The.Coolest.Thing. They don't do long lines and boring photos like the theme park princesses do - not even close! The Princess Festival makes your little Princess a main character in an immersive, active, silly, full-on Princess Adventure. For, like two-to-three hours! This is the stuff memories are made of. Go buy tickets!!



Princess Festsival
575 East University Parkway
Orem UT 84097

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