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Candle Light Christmas

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Candle Light Christmas Back in simpler days Christmas was a time of great kindness. Folks wandering the avenues, caroling for neighbors. Gathering and warming themselves by a street fire. Children wrote letters to Father Christmas and gingerbread cookies were crafted in an old-fashioned coal stove. Storytelling was told as the family settled in around the hearth of the home. An old fashioned Christmas then time advanced and Christmas goes by in a black Friday rush. Why not slow it down and bring back the magic of Christmas at This Is The Place Heritage Park. Visit Historic homes and warm yourself by streetcorner fires while listening to the Heritage singers. See Father Christmas, and a live nativity. Kids can enjoy the naughty and nice list, and maybe even a warm meal at the Huntsman Grill. Stop and breathe in an Old Fashioned Christmas at This Is The Place Heritage Park.

Dec. 8-23 (Monday – Saturday evenings)

REDUCED admission prices for this event! 5$ for EVERYONE

Candlelight Christmas December 9-23 Observe a Christmas of over a Century ago- quieter, simpler, fun for all. Slow Down, take a stroll through streets ringing with music and make Candlelight Christmas part of your cherished family traditions. Bundle up and join us for an event you’ll be talking about for years to come!





Candle Light Christmas
2601 E. Sunnyside Ave.
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

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