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Flowrider Flowrider is ideal for family participants of all ages. Parents, daughters and sons can experience the thrill of riding a wave in a safe and controlled environment. “Catching and riding a wave” regardless of one’s skill level and the ride is never the same twice. Each ride increases the rider’s confidence and pleasure. It is addicting. Spectators will enjoy it as much as the actual participant.   It has an approximate throughput of 300 rides per hour. Being able to experience riding a wave, or white water rapids cutting back and forth on your board and feeling the water current carry you where ever you want to go. Powered by an engine that drives 10,000 gallons of flowing water, it is an exciting, high capacity ride. A rush that you normally experience in the ocean or on a river is what you will experience indoors. Plus you can have your family and friends right there enjoying your ride for hours with you. They will watch you cut and flow within talking distance

2 for 1 Flowrider on 1hour session (not valid with other offers) when you show your Utah Kids Club card





2261 Kiesel Ave. Suite #200
Ogden, Utah 84401

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