Did you know Utah Kids Club gives back to the community?

100% of your membership can go to someone in need!!

Here's the Math:

  • Memberships are $12.00
  • Your Family and Friends buy it for $11.00 (yes you're already winning)
  • $1.00 goes to credit card fees and 1 stamp
  • Your recipient gets all $10.00
  • Everyone Wins!!
  • You get a membership to ALL the FuN Places PLUS 2 FREE Kids Meals each month
  • They get a donation!
To Participate:

1st, Email us the recipient's name and cause-keep it simple; 2-3 sentences will do the trick

2nd, we'll shoot you a code to use during checkout, this will track how many memberships to donate to the recipient. As well, we will send you an email to share with your friends and family who are also concerned and want to give back.

At the end of 30 days, we will send your recipient a check!

So let us know, who needs help? Send us an email to info@utahkidsclub.com to get started.